24th May, 2013

Super Content

In the ever increasing rise of social media SEO, the two together are becoming an untouchable force in the online marketing world when it comes to generating leads, traffic and engagement to and from a website. What fuels the two to work together? Is there something that merges both social and SEO together? The answer is yes, content. As you probably know from reading all our other articles, we love content! Our live case study is proving not only to us, but to everybody else that if you put a little bit of focus into high quality content and integrating that with your social media and SEO, you could be on to a game changer.

Back To Basics

From experience what we have found out here is that starting with a focused keyword is the fundamental part. What are you trying to target? This then puts keyword research as your first action, effectively you’re looking at your SEO.  Secondly, after gathering your keyword ideas, you can begin to use this to generate a title to give you an idea of what you want to write about. This way your 1000 word article will roll off the tongue much easier and you’ve got a suitable topic that people actually search for (your keyword).

Don’t Leave Without Your Social Media!

Therefore, after your 1000 word article has been written, you can then look to your social media.  Sometimes when writing blogs you may tend to get too much into writing and forget why you’re doing it in the first place! Remember why you’re doing it, content is your ammunition, but you still need to know what you’re doing across you social media.  Remember to remind yourself what your goals are. If your business is looking to start doing social media, you cant just dive into it. Without your content you have no incentive for people to go back to your website. The incentive being, expert, credible and knowledgeable advice. There will be times where you think ‘why do I keep giving free advice away’? The idea is to give tips away within your business area, in order to drive people from your article, to your website, to then generate enquiries.

Please Do Not Disturb

The great thing about how social media has been introduced over recent years has completely changed the face of marketing as a whole.  Going back to what we said about giving free stuff away, ask yourself this ‘who doesn’t like free stuff’?  Many years ago and still to this day, global brands will spend millions of pounds every year for  television ads. It might not necessarily be something you’re even the slightest bit interested in, yet you HAVE to watch that advert (frustratingly waiting for the football to come back on) but in the meantime, you get to watch an over the top insurance advert when you DON’T even need insurance! This is known as interruption marketing. There is a massive difference when producing content for your social media and SEO compared to this form of marketing. The content you’re writing is on theme, people will only click on it if they want to read it (they have a choice), that’s the main thing. You’re subconsciously selling your expertise to your target audience by showing you’re a company with trust, knowledge and credibility. If your content is engaging it will ask questions, offer alternative solutions or answer a common frustration.

Social Media, SEO and Content Are a Family!

As we’ve been saying we’ve currently been completing our Live Content Marketing Case Study where we are writing 200 articles in 50 days.  Just so you can picture what our process is (this is by no means a fancy diagram)




As you can see the process starts with keywords/SEO and ends with enquiries through your website (whether that is from a phone call or email). You create your title by referring to a keyword, you write your blog, you spread it across social media platforms with a quality engaging message and link back to your website, then to your what we call an ‘enquiry page’ where the customer will enquire about your product or service.

What happens though if you take one of these sections out of the equation? Simple, none of it will work:

– Remove Keyword/SEO from the equation and you will not generate a title idea worthy of writing a blog on. As well, having that blog to rank well and for the search engines to pick it up will much harder compared to if your blog is keyword focused.

– Remove Content/Blog/Articles and you have no way of driving readers from your social media, to your website, or the opportunity to share high quality content. As we stated earlier, content is your ammunition.

– Remove Social Media and you have no platform to promote your message and blog. Your social media allows you to engage with fans and followers who are interested in your industry.

– Remove the Website and you have no selling platform, the website is where you want your engaged fans to end up on and to enquire about your products and services.

– Remove your Enquiries page and readers have no place to buy something or make an enquiry.

As you can see, if you remove one of these areas, the strategy just won’t work.  See each area of the process as a way of making your life easier and hopefully to generate you more business!


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