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We offer a range of social media marketing services to businesses of all sizes to help them drive more traffic to their website through social media channels. We offer paid social media marketing as well as organic social media marketing. We can also help you work with social media influencers.

We often get asked by our clients whether social media is still a powerful tool in a marketer’s armoury.

Social Media marketing depends on a number of variables, one of the biggest being the type of business you’re in and, channelled in the right way and through the most appropriate platforms for your business, there’s always a place for social media in the digital marketing mix.

Benefits of being active with social media:

  • Build a loyal customer base with competitions and regular interaction
  • Interact with your targeted audience based on age, gender, interests
  • Learn the habits of your customers which will help you target them
  • Get instant feedback from your ideal customers
  • Increase your web traffic by driving people to your site

It’s all in the planning

One of the major errors companies tend to make is not having a robust plan for their messages. As with all types of communication, planning is the key to the success or failure of social campaigns.

There’s always a place for spontaneous messages, but a well thought out plan and careful insight into the best times to send, will give you the results you’re after.

We have social media tools to help you plan

As part of our suite of tools we provide to clients, we have built a great tool that analyses what’s trending on your competitors’ social media. This gives you great market intelligence, not only showing you the types of communication that work for your target audience, but also shows which platforms get the most interaction. This reduces the time wasted on trial and error because you can plan around what’s already successful enabling you to compete and get ahead of your competitors.

Our Process





Things to consider:

Either we can take the strain and look after your strategy, management and deployment of your social media campaign, or we can be there to support and guide your team. If you are planning to manage your campaign in-house you will need to think about roles within your team dividing the responsibility for your social campaign.

Things to consider include:

Responding to conversations

Who in your company will reply to comments? It’s vital to reply to comments to appear as a friendly, approachable company to engage with; over time building a relationship, allowing you to engage with a loyal customer base.

Reporting and tracking

Who in your company will produce the reports and track the progress of the campaigns to evaluate how well they are performing?

Generating consistent content

Who in your company will source images for relevant posts? Finding great images to support your posts will make them more fun to read and more likely that people will want to engage with you.

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    We will support you all the way

    Our social media marketing consultants will work with you to achieve your objectives through the creation of a robust social media strategy looking at all the key drivers needed to make the campaign a great success.

    From the planning phase through to the launch and analysis of results, we will work with you every step of the way and keep you up to date on all aspects of the campaign.