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Web development is often the unsung hero of digital marketing – here at Essential Marketer we recognise its true value and the vital importance of the role within our team.

From our Web & Apps team’s specialist knowledge, programming skills, system development, app design and the scope of their ability to bring a designer’s creative to life on a client’s website, our Web & Apps team are certainly not ‘in the shadows’!

Website Development

Broadly speaking web development is concerned with all the tasks that go into building websites. Once the designs have been signed off, the project gets handed to the web development team for the site to be built – it’s the magic spark needed to bring the site to life!

Other areas of web development include making ongoing changes to the site once the site is live, such as functionality, CMS updates and generally maintaining the ongoing safety, stability and security of the site.

App Development

The final string in the bow of our Web & Apps team is App development. Not a day goes by without someone telling you they’ve got a new App. And there’s good reason for this.

As an industry we’re no longer speculating about when mobiles will overtake desktops – we’re way past that now – it’s happened! More and more businesses are riding on this and recognising the fact that they’re much more likely to get engagement from an app specifically designed for mobile use than not having one and falling behind their online competitors.

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Web Migration

Another key area of web development we specialise in is web migration. As a digital agency, offering the full spectrum of online marketing services, for sites being redeveloped we recognise the value in capturing the strengths the old site might have and ensuring these are passed as seamlessly as possible through to the new site.

For example a client wants a new website. Most agencies would simply redevelop that site, then push the launch button. Maybe not straight away, but in the weeks and months after the new site goes live, the client’s site drops out of the rankings – all the credibility of their old site is lost! We’ve seen this happen time and again and people approach us after for our help rather – by then it’s often too late, the damage is done and it can be a long road to recovery.

Building on your existing strengths…

So, our message is simple. If you are looking at redeveloping your site, irrespective of whether we are designing your site, or another agency is doing this for you, our advice would be to talk to us before the work starts. Using our specialist migration tool, we will carefully analyse your current site’s strengths and develop plans to ensure the migration takes all these strengths into account, passing on these strengths to the new site ready for its launch.


There’s a common phrase that’s often relevant for marketing agencies: “cobblers’ children have holes in their shoes”. Often this is very true for marketing agencies who are great at marketing for other companies, but don’t have time to concentrate as much effort on their own marketing. In our case our systems development is the complete opposite!

Our team has built so many great systems for our business – without them we wouldn’t be the agency we are today and wouldn’t be able to achieve the great success we do for our clients. So in terms of marketing our systems development it’s simple. Have a look at our suite of tools we’ve developed for ourselves – we’re always really proud to show them off! We’ve also developed a wide variety of bespoke systems for a number of our clients which we’d be happy to tell you more about.

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    Lets get started…

    Our team get excited by the challenge of designing an App! They will build it however you want it to work, rather than being restricted by the confines of web and SEO – it will be totally custom-built for you.

    From you, we’d need to understand the specification, what platforms you’d want it on: iPhone, Android or Windows and exactly what you wanted to achieve from the App.

    We are realistic and know that Apps aren’t for everyone; a lot depends on the type of business you’re in and your users. As part of our initial review we would carry out a feasibility study before undertaking any work.