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We offer local seo services to businesses who want to rank higher in search engines, such as Google, when people are searching for their services in the local area. For businesses that only operate in the local area, it is crucial that they capture the organic traffic in the area. This is where a local seo company can help.

What are the benefits of local seo services?

  • Increase website traffic from local people
  • Increase online visibility in the local area
  • Increase brand awareness in the local area
  • Makes you stand out from competitors
  • High conversion levels

What is local SEO?

Local search engine optimisation is all about improving your websites’ performance in a search engine when people are searching in your local area. For example, you may have found us by searching ‘SEO Birmingham’ on Google.

However, as Google has developed their algorithm over the years it is now more intelligent. Google now uses user location as a factor, so users don’t have to type in the location ‘Birmingham’ for example to see businesses that are near to them. With our effective local seo services, you will rank highly when a user searches for your services whilst they are in your area.

This is not to be confused with Google My Business listings.

Who would need local seo services?

Local seo services can benefit all businesses, however if you are a business that only operates in the local area – it is a must. Our local seo packages will help you generate more traffic and leads from users in the local area that are searching for your services. As well as seeing an increase in the quantity of traffic, you will also see an increase in the quality of traffic because the people that will be finding your website organically will be finding you when searching keywords that are relevant to your business.

If you would like to generate more local leads for your business, contact one of our local seo experts today.

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What factors are there that affect local search engine optimisation?

There are a range of factors which play a part in your website ranking well locally. Some of these factors are:

  • Local link building
  • Google My Business
  • Local citations
  • Website optimisation
  • On-page seo
  • Behavioural signals
  • General seo

Local link building

Getting backlinks from local business’ websites is important. Our local search agency will work with you to build natural local backlinks to your website. It is important that these backlinks still follow the usual practises of being natural, high quality and relevant.

Google My Business

It is important that you claim and optimise your Google My Business listing. We offer a Google My Business service to those businesses that need help with this. Once your listing is set up, make sure you fill in all of the options (such as opening times, address, website link etc) and consistently respond to reviews that you receive. Getting positive reviews on the listing will benefit your local seo performance.

Local citations

A local citation is when the name, phone number and address for your local business is mentioned online. This could be on local business directories, social platforms and more. Our local seo marketing agency will take care of this for you.

Website optimisation

When optimising your website for local seo, it is important to include your address on the website. This could be in the footer. You should mention the local areas that you offer services across your website. The local area that your service should also be mentioned in your on-page seo.

Behavioural signals

The way that users interact with your website affects the performance of local seo. Some of the behavioural signals that are important are: click-through rate, bounce rate and mobile clicks to call. If you have a strong click-through rate in the search engine results page, people spend a good amount of time on your website instead of bouncing and users are clicking your phone number to call your business on mobile – you will see the benefits in the local search performance.

General SEO

It is still important that the website still follows the seo fundamentals to boost the performance locally. When using our local seo services, we will make sure the website is optimised for search engines in all areas. Important factors, such as having strong local seo content, still apply when trying to rank locally.

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    How can Essential Marketer help someone looking for a local seo company?

    The process starts with a free seo audit. We have a team of local seo consultants who will analyse your website and create a plan to improve your local seo performance. Our flexible local seo services work on a month by month basis, with no fixed contracts. All of our clients have monthly planning and performance review meetings with their dedicated account manager to discuss how we can take the local search marketing to the next level.

    If you would like to find out more about our local seo services, contact us today.