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We can design and build you a bespoke email marketing campaign to reach out to new and existing client. We have a bespoke tool that we use to drive successful email marketing campaigns.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

  • Send targetted messages
  • Boost your brand recognition
  • Increase your sales
  • Drive more users to your website
  • Easy to monitor what works well
  • Keep people engaged with your business

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is known under many names, such as newsletters and e-shots to name just a couple. Newsletters normally comprise of a branded html coded template, that includes a header, a footer, a well thought out marketing message, images, and most importantly – calls to action.

Email marketing works for a variety of different industries, as long as your target mailing list is well thought out. For example, if you work in a b2b industry, you will need to ensure that your mailing list consists of businesses who are likely to want your services, whereas a leisure mailing list would be a very different target audience.

Why is email marketing important?

Having a good quality mailing list is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of getting your products and your business out there. Few ad campaigns can match the traction of getting your message directly into the inbox of your potential customer.

In addition to this, a person joining your mailing list shows their loyalty, their interest, and that they are actively engaged in your services. Having a database full of these readers is solid gold.

Our Process





Planning your email marketing campaign

Email marketing is effective when you have something to announce, such as a new feature you are offering, the launch of a new product, an upcoming event, the list could go on.

It is important to work out the structure of your newsletter, and ultimately how you will measure the success of the campaign – for example: are you hoping for more enquiries for a specific product? This is something that you will be able to track on completion.

Ensure that you keep your campaigns interesting, if you impart some knowledge or tips people would be likely to forward these on further afield to colleagues or friends, getting your message even further out there. If you make your newsletters funny, again this can gain some real traction and potentially make your campaigns go viral.

Our initial consultation will help you to set out these guidelines, and create the best email marketing campaign for you.

Tracking and reporting on your email marketing campaign

Following any marketing campaign, it is always a good idea to reflect on what has worked well for you, and what could be improved. Engagement needs to be monitored, it is good to know the segment of your mailing list that is actively reading and clicking on the links within your newsletter. If you find that a segment of your mailing list is significantly less engaged, or have failed to open one of your campaigns for a length of time, you can better focus the content in order to re-engage them in the future. Re-engaging with subscribers who may have gone cold is much easier than beginning again from scratch. There are many different tactics involved in warming them back up, and this is where we are able to use our expertise to advise you.

Why Choose Us?

We are a digital marketing agency based just south of Birmingham with more than 10 years experience in the industry, meaning that we really do know what does and doesn’t work. We are here to guide you through the process from initial ideas to ultimately getting your message out there and beyond! Have a chat with us on the phone, or you can come in for a visit and we’ll stick the kettle on! Let’s start the conversation…

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