SEO Copywriting Services

We offer an SEO copywriting service to ensure that your wesbite has seo optimised content. We use a team of copywriters who specialise in seo friendly content writing.

After completing in depth keyword research into your business, we will create a content plan that lays out all the pages you will need to target all of the keywords that are relevant to your business. This content plan forms the structure for our seo content marketing.

Benefits of using an SEO copywriting service

  • Have keyword focussed content
  • Have engaging content
  • Professionaly written content
  • Content written for human readers, with Google in mind
  • Drive more organic traffic to your website

What Are SEO Copywriting Services?

With the explosion of content that surrounds us every day, whether it’s on social media, blogs or through search engines, there’s an increasing surge from within the digital marketing industry and one of the reasons why many companies large and small are investing vast budgets on producing good quality, unique content for both their SEO and social media. We’re going to explore the veritable tsunami that’s occurring right now in the world of content marketing by looking in more detail about what exactly SEO copywriting services are.

Is Content Important to SEO?

Content is important to SEO, but what is more important than ever before is the relevancy and quality of the content rather than having keyword stuffed, heavy copy that is totally irrelevant to what your page is meant to be all about. This is what Google is now looking for, and sites that have poorly written and irrelevant copy for copy’s sake are now being taken into account when Google crawls and ranks a site. In fact, it’s becoming such an important factor that Google applies a reading level on every web page that it crawls. The foundations for a good SEO campaign start with getting on-page SEO right. What this basically means is everything you can see on a web page. So to this extent, getting the keyword into the heading, copy, meta description is important, but the page itself needs to be relevant to that keyword and the page needs to be on theme with your overall site.

Content falls into many different categories and you will use content differently for different marketing communications mechanisms – for example – you might want to put a single message out telling your clients and potential clients about your company’s latest product or service. You might choose to do this by putting a news item on your site, writing a new landing page, publishing a press release, writing a blog post on your site as well as using social media to push the message out further. Ultimately the message will remain the same for all mechanisms, but the type of communication style used for each one will differ significantly.

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Writing Content Shouldn’t Be About SEO

The first thing to make clear is that there is no such thing as SEO copywriting services. I’m sure you’ve seen many agencies telling you that this is what they can produce for you, but in reality this should be headed instead: ‘what makes good content that will get you the results you are seeking and drive traffic to your site?’ This is an entirely different proposition and I will give you insight as to why.

Over the last ten years, the internet has opened up a barrage of content with people moving on from seeing their site as merely a shop window, to them occasionally adding new content in a rather adhoc reactive fashion, to the introduction of blogging and social media phenomenon which companies feel they need to be a part of, but most of them have no idea why or even how to go about this. The problem really is very straightforward: ‘how do you make yourself heard above all the noise of other content that’s out there and what makes your content so special?’

So Who Is The Best Person to Write Content?

You might not believe it, but you are! Yes, content writing can be outsourced, but at the end of the day, you are an expert in your business area which is why you’re in that business – not the copywriter. You have the knowledge on your company and you know your industry inside and out. Depending on the depth of the content that you want writing, outsourcing your copywriting to an experienced content writer isn’t always the best strategy and you could end up spending money on an article that you later have to edit yourself. However, that’s not to say you can’t outsource copywriting as we all know how time consuming writing a quality article can be, but however well you brief your copywriters, the ‘expert’ content can only be driven from within your own company and your own team of people – the people who really know about your business.

At Essential Marketer we have our team of in-house copywriters that we use both for ourselves and our clients. Before we had our team in place we would from time to time outsource our content to so called ‘specialist’ copywriters. The outcome generally was that, even with the best copywriters in the land, they aren’t able to catch the ‘essence’ of the subject as they aren’t the expert – you are!

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