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We can provide your business with a free SEO website audit using our bespoke portal. Our site audits are free with no obligations to use our services. This can be an online website audit done through a screen share online meeting with one of our SEO consultants. They will be able to show you the strong areas of your website, and also the areas that need improving in order to boost the SEO performance. Alternatively, we can email across a free site audit report with links to our bespoke SEO portal.

If you would like to arrange a free SEO audit, contact us today.

What are the benefits of a free SEO audit?

  • No cost involved
  • Gain an expert insight into your website
  • Top level ranking and traffic statics
  • See your website’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Your: Content; Keywords; Backlinks & Trust score; Page speed & Mobile Friendliness
  • Competitor comparison analysis
  • Opportunity to ask questions to an SEO specialist
  • Access to our bespoke portal
  • Post audit top level digital strategy plan to move your website to the next level
  • No obligations to become a client

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    Why would someone need a website audit service?

    Anybody with a website could benefit from a site audit in order to help improve their site. If you follow the recommendations we provide in the audit, you are likely to see an increase in organic traffic to your website.

    Our free in-depth audit takes around 30 minutes so if you have the time available, our consultants can help you. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time available we will be able to send you a free website audit report.

    If you have a website and would like to know how you can drive more organic traffic to your website, our SEO audit will help you.

    How can Essential Marketer help someone looking for an SEO audit agency?

    If you have a website and would like to audit your website, we can help. We provide an in-depth SEO audit at no cost using our bespoke portal to provide with an insight into all aspects of your website performance.

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    What is a free seo audit?

    Our free SEO website audit will allow you to see how your website performs in all areas of SEO, such as:

    • Backlinks
    • Content
    • Site Speed
    • Mobile Responsiveness
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Page Titles
    • Meta Descriptions
    • H1’s
    • Keyword Rankings
    • Indexed Pages
    • Page Responses

    Backlink Audit

    Our free backlink audit will show you what your current backlink profile is looking like. We will show your your current trust flow, amount of referring domains and amount of backlinks. Our backlink audit goes into even more detail, showing you a detailed insight to which websites are linking to you, including the anchor text, link destination and trust flow of the link.

    This can be compared to the backlink profile of your competitors.

    Website Content Audit

    During our free SEO audit online we will analyse the content on your website and make suggestions on how it can be improved. Our bespoke portal will show you the keyword focus of your website and which pages are performing well.

    Site Speed Audit

    We will show you the current speed of your website on desktop as well as on mobile. Your website speed can be compared with competitors. Our website speed audit will also provide areas to improve your website speed.

    Mobile Responsiveness Audit

    During our mobile website audit we will be able to show you the Google mobile rating of your website, as well as comparing this with competitors.

    Competitor Analysis

    Part of online seo audit is a competitor website a competitor website audit. Our portal will compare your website with your competitors to show you where you need to improve in order to overtake your competitors in the search engine rankings.

    On-Page SEO Audit

    Our portal will analyse your on-page SEO and highlight areas for improvement. The on-page SEO audit will show you which pages have issues with page titles, meta descriptions and H1’s. If you have missing, duplicate, overlength or underlength on-page  – the portal will flag it.

    Keyword Ranking Audit

    During our keyword audit we will be able to show you which keywords your website is currently ranking for, the amount of average monthly searches the keywords have as well as the URL that is ranking. Furthermore, we can show you what keywords your competitors are ranking for.

    Technical Site Audit

    Our website audit service will give you a technical site audit. We will be able to show you how much of your website is indexed, the page responses (e.g 301, 404, 200), canonical tags and more.

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