SEO Consultant Service

We offer a website seo consultant service to businesses who want to recieve professional seo advice for their website.

Our specialist seo consultants will analyse your website and provide an in depth strategy plan to improve your organic search presence.

Benefits of using an SEO consultantancy service

  • Get specialist advice
  • Get a strategic seo plan to improve your website
  • Increase organic website traffic
  • Increase conversions on your website

Our Process





What is an SEO consultancy service? 

Here at Essential Marketer we provide a top of the range SEO audit and consultancy service that can benefit your business massively. An SEO consultancy service is where we offer professional SEO advice by running your business’s website through a range of marketing tools, in order to identify where your business is doing well, and where improvements can be implemented. We provide a free seo consultation service that looks at multiple factors of your website:

Keyword rankings

We look into what keywords your business currently ranks for. Keyword rankings are a vital part of drawing organic traffic into your website, and as such a marketing strategy utilising effective keywords and copywriting content that are relevant to your website is required to make improvements. Through our consultancy service, we look into your keywords and recommend changes and how to rank higher for your most important keywords.

Backlink profile

Building a strong backlink profile is vital for a website to rank higher on Google, as well as draw more people to the site. Our consultancy service can analyse your backlink profile through our marketing tools in order to see where we can improve your backlinks, creative new backlinks and remove harmful backlinks from your website.

Onpage Optimization

Our bespoke SEO portal and tools can look at your website’s onpage and identify where improvements can be made so that your website is fully optimised for search engines. By doing so, your website can be more appealing to people using search engines and more likely to get clicks onto the site.

General Performance & Speed Test

Our SEO consultancy service provides a look into general performance and statistics of your website. How well you are doing, how many clicks and visits you have had within a timeframe, as well as various other data statistics to see where your website stands, and how we can offer improvements. As well as this, We can provide you with a speed and mobile friendly test, to see how well your website is performing with visitors. A slow or poorly optimised website for mobile can lead to people leaving the site early!


Why use our consultancy service?

Utilising a professional search engine marketing consultant can be beneficial to your business as overall we provide many details that you may have not thought of for your business. Our SEO consultancy and audit is free of charge, so there are no negatives to getting one! Armed with the tools and knowledge you need to improve your business, we can give advice on improving your website and marketing strategy to see long-term results for your website!

Whether you are a business that has been around for ages, or just starting your own business, having a specialist who can help you build your digital marketing presence can benefit you more than you think. We offer local SEO services to those in and around the West Midlands and Birmingham, but also internationally. To learn more about our SEO consulting services, get in touch with us today and book one of our free SEO consultations.

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