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When designing and developing a new website it is about understanding your business, conveying the right image to generate the desired action. We work with a number of partners to build bespoke websites that are suited to your business and end goal of the website.

Benefits of using us for your web development

  • Have a website that is built with SEO in mind
  • Get a fully bespoke website
  • Boost your organic traffic
  • Increase your conversions
  • Create brand identity
  • Get an easy to navigate website

Our Technology

Our sites are built using the latest Content Management Systems (CMS) enabling clients to manage their content, update their content and add new pages and upload whenever they want to; as well as being search friendly for those all important SEO rankings.

CMS we work with: WordPress, Itseeze, Shopify, Magento, Webflow, Sqaurespace, Opencart

All projects are built using the latest coding techniques. This ensures that our clients’ websites are future proofed and also cater for backwards compatibility to ensure everyone can enjoy the brand new website.

At every stage we apply version control. This ensures that, throughout the process, everything is backed up safe and secure.

Our Website Support

For us the launch is just the beginning rather than the end. As a service we offer ongoing management and support of the shiny new site through a retainer managed each month.

Building this into the budget will ensure the website is kept as fresh and up to date as it was on the day of the launch. Many websites are inherently out of date the day they’re launched – some because they’ve taken so long to be built – others because content changes so quickly and design techniques are constantly changing.

Building an ongoing management into your annual marketing budget will ensure the website is kept up-to-date and in the long term save your company many thousands of pounds on further new website builds in the years ahead.

Our Process





The Difference…

Challenging the norm

As an agency we weren’t happy going with the ‘norm’. Our experience with search marketing sets us in a great position to challenge the whole website design thought process. Rather than simply building a site that meets the needs of a brief, we turn everything on its head.

What is the audience?

Knowing your target audience will help you to focus on creating the right design for your new site. Personas can be a great way of identifying your ‘types’ of audience, but one of the best starting points is to look at your current clients. This will give you a valuable insight based on fact.

Fulfilling your audience

The next question to ask is how your target audience are likely to find you. How can you predict the keywords they will type into Google? We’ve all done it. Searched for something you want to find and the results don’t quite fit so you amend your search – that’s where our focussed approach to keywords comes in.

Cater for all devices

Any new site needs to work well across all devices. This is vital to the success of the new site and something which if overlooked could be the difference between success and failure of your new site and ultimately your business.


Conversions! It’s as simple as that. Your website has a function to perform. You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money and it needs to work for you and bring you conversions.

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Contact Us

    Our Project Management

    We understand that committing to a new website design is no small undertaking; it’s a big investment in money and your time – both of which are valuable to you. Because of this we want clients to be assured that through every step of the project we are keeping them fully informed of the progress, what they can expect from us and also what we expect from them. Every project is managed in a coordinated, structured and professional way from the initial brief through to deployment.

    Fantastic Project Experience

    Kickstart Meeting

    Our initial meeting will enable us to find out more about your company, values, culture, products and services – helping us to gain a greater insight of your company.


    This initial phase is very much data gathering to give us in-depth research on how the existing site is being used, unless you are starting from scratch with a completely new site. Through target focus groups and user research we can start to build a picture of what’s really needed for the new site.

    Site Structure

    The next phase is the successful cornerstone to all new websites: keyword research and content planning. This dovetails really neatly into search marketing. Using our purpose built Website Wizard tool we will analyse your existing site’s strength.


    Once the initial phases are complete, the designing begins! Wireframes and mock ups will be sent to the client for approval. Once everything is approved, the build plan will be created to bring the new site to life.


    The build takes into account looking at the strengths of the old site and ensuring steps are put in place to properly manage the migration to the new site to ensure existing rankings aren’t compromised once the new site is deployed. The rest of this phase is taken up with testing and carrying out pre-launch checks.


    Normally a nervous day, but for us knowing the foundations have been built right, it’s an exciting day for the team! Post launch checks are carried out in the days, weeks and months after the initial launch to monitor the new site’s stability and rankings. Full CMS training is included at this stage too.

    If you want to start a new project don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0121 667 8785 or email us via info@essentialmarketer.com