Backlink Outreach Wizard (BOW)

What is BOW?

BOW is a tool that we have developed recently to help find potential websites for good, high quality backlinks. Backlinks are a very important aspect of SEO and having a good quality backlink profile is way to help increase the trust of your website and therefore help increase your overall Google position rankings.

So how does BOW work?

  1. List of Competitor Websites
    We put your website into our tool and BOW gives us a list of competitors for your website which rank for similar keywords.
  2. Competitor’s Backlinks List
    Our system then compiles a list of all websites that link to your competitors’ sites. Using an algorithm, it then works out which websites of high quality are linking to your competitors.
  3. Requesting a backlink from these websites
    Once we have this list, our system will send out automated emails to the websites asking if it is possible to get a backlink from them.
  4. Results
    This then results in us obtaining a list of websites who are able to give you high quality backlinks. WIth the addition of these backlinks, your trust score will increase helping to improve your Google rankings.

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