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High quality photography within campaigns, websites and social media has always been highly important, but has always been overlooked as an expensive nice to have. The time to change your mindset on this is more imperative than ever.

What are the benefits of using a professional photography company?

  • High quality images
  • Expert planning process
  • Make your business stand out
  • Unique images
  • Professional photo editing

Content with Photography

The importance of content with great images cannot be overstated, it creates strong first impressions and provides an excellent platform for sharing your products and services on social media. Instagram now has more users than Facebook which is probably down to the fact the people love sharing images.

As users become even more savvy, low quality photography for your services and products does not provide the best experience. High quality imagery with a creative edge can change their mindset and their connection with your brand from the start.

How it can be effective

We have seen photography turn a client’s campaign around, whether to increase conversion on important landing pages, increase interactions through social media or provide higher click throughs in their email marketing.

There is no doubt that an effective creative brainstorm, followed by a professional photoshoot, can provide you with the artillery to help engage and convert your target audience, and with the help of the creative team at Essential, we can provide you with a clear focus and service to provide you with the results you require.

Our Process





Importance of Photography

Photography can be the important most single factor across many media types when engaging with your customer. It provides a quick time message for what services you provide or what scene you are trying to set with your users.

What we offer

Photography packages range in variety based on the client and the project in hand so it’s always best to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail. Our range of creative photography services include:

Photography Direction

We can help you come up with the direction and initial concepts to work with your internal or current photographer for upcoming campaigns. We will work closely with them to ensure you get the desired results.

Photography Shoot

If you already have a confirmed direction for the imagery you require for your campaign we can take direction from you and provide an expert photographer to capture the images.

Photography Direction & Shoot

Combining the above, we can provide the whole package. From the initial creative concepts to completing the shoot. Alongside this we can also organise models and actors if required.


In most cases editing is required after the photoshoot to ensure your pictures are pixel perfect. When completing the whole package this is included in the service, but we also offer clients a stand alone package to enhance photographs that have already been taken.

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    Media Package

    When speaking to many businesses, creating and publishing content is a serious sticking point in their internal marketing process. At Essential we wanted to conquer this and provide a solution that was high quality and provided great customer experience.

    Our ‘Media Package’ is provided via a monthly retainer to help spread the initial outlay normally associated with content creation and photography. Within this we will complete the following stages to provide a clear strategy:

    1. Content Strategy

      Everybody needs a focus… This gives a clear focus of what your target audience is looking for and provide a theme for the content, photography & video we can produce.

    2. Planning

      We promise to not get in the way… We will work closely with you to plan dates for internal visits, event coverage or provide photoshoots for campaigns to ensure they are inline with internal deadlines.

    3. Creative

      The knowledge to come up with unique ideas… When we have confirmed the strategy, we will work with you to provide the best angle to visualise your message. This can be creative but doesn’t always have to be – some campaigns will not need this.

    4. Action

      This is where the fun stuff happens… We will move forward with our plan and create content, shoot photography or record your desired video. With all our top specification equipment, we will travel to the location and capture what you need until we are happy with the results

    5. Publish

      Share your high quality content with the world… Once all imagery, video and content is confirmed we will help you publish this onto your website or media platforms. If we require you can utilise our expert marketing teams to get the most out of your content.

    Get in touch

    If you are looking to start a photography campaign, want to record a video or need our help to create your ongoing content then please get in touch with us today via 0121 667 8785 or email us at