14th May, 2013

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PPC management is vitally important for all online businesses.  Having a structured campaign has proven on many occasions to be very effective in your overall success when it comes to Adwords. When speaking with online business owners on a daily basis you generally get a feel for their frustrations when it comes to online marketing.  You only have to mention SEO and PPC and the barriers come up straight away; the main frustration being time management and not seeing results. In this article I aim to provide you with a detailed overview of why having a structured PPC management solution in place will save you money and time in the long run.

How Could My Business Benefit From PPC Management?

The above is a common question, business owners want to know what benefits they can get from having a structured PPC management plan in place.  They need to ensure that they get the most benefit from a PPC management plan. There are a number of benefits that a business will receive from having these solutions in place, the first of these being time management. Time is a precious thing and many businesses complain of how little time they actually get within their busy days, so having a company or individual to manage their Adwords really adds benefit as you do not have to waste time in setting up various campaigns, managing ads and budgeting on keywords throughout the day. To have maximum success within Adwords you need to ensure that you are constantly updating and changing your ads to see which work best and to measure which ads are providing you with the most success.  Having a management system in place will mean you are not having to juggle your day around to constantly monitor your Adwords and the campaign that you are trying to run.

Is It All About Having A Big Budget?

No matter what your budget is for Adwords, it is worth thinking about how much time effort and money you will save from having a PPC management company to look after your account. I work with a range of clients whose budgets range from £100 per month to over a £1000 per month and trusting your account with a competent individual who will provide you with great results really is a must if you have not managed a campaign before or seem to find that all of your time is taken up by looking after a PPC campaign. Whatever your budget you need to ensure that the money you are spending every month is utilised in the best possible way, putting your faith into a PPC management company that can drive traffic to your site, increase your click through rate (CTR) and improve upon your return on investment is critical. A great deal of what Adwords actually is means that your chosen budget will need to be managed effectively in order for you to see the best results and for you to constantly monitor what is working for your business and change what isn’t.  A school of thought that exists, and I back this personally, states that if you have a good management system behind your Adwords then this will actually save you money in the long run as every keyword that you are bidding on, every click through that you receive and every impression that you are getting is being monitored by a professional who can track these results and change different elements within your campaign so you are getting the most for your money and are getting the best results from your PPC campaign.

How Having A Small Budget Can Be Just As Effective

Although having a budget that can justify your conversions is important on the odd occasion, having a budget that you can justify might work better for your business as it involves even tighter campaign planning and will involve your campaign manager going in and constantly changing your ads and keywords to ensure that the budget is being spent every month and you are getting the most out of this budget. As we know from some of my previous article on this subject, constant change in Adwords is key. A good PPC management company will be able to explain what budget is necessary for your campaign and how they can effectively play around with your budget to get you a better result than going it alone.

Effective PPC Management Should Be All About The ROI

Regardless of your initial PPC budget, many companies including ourselves would be happy to manage any PPC account right from somebody with a budget of £50 to a budget of £500,000.  It may be that you are an online business that has no online presence and you want to promote your brand through Adwords, it may be that you have had limited success in the organic listings. Whatever the reason behind you wishing to start an Adwords campaign and what budget you have at your disposal, we would be happy to manage your account, we work with all major search engines and many social media platforms providing you with the best results.  We provide a tailor made solution to any business sector. We provide realistic measurable results for you to track and monitor your return on investment.


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