15th September, 2020

Marketing has developed over the years to become a core foundation of any business or organisation. It drives the fundamentals of the business, helps you to engage with your audience and make calculated decisions that will positively impact the success of your products. Both offline and online, it is important to use the most effective marketing tools and strategies to keep your business active and growing.


It has been clear that 2020 has been a difficult time for many businesses, as a large portion of businesses closed down during the Covid-19 lockdown period or struggled to find suitable working arrangements. During this time many businesses found it difficult to engage with their customers, which led to loss of sales and brand awareness. Marketing for many of these businesses was pushed to the side to focus on other aspects of the business, but it is vital that your business should continue to develop their marketing strategies and tools to once again reach potential and existing customers. If a business fails to reconnect with their customers during this period, it can ultimately make or break their business.


So, how can a business owner drive more sales and attention to their customers once again?

  • Online marketing; building on a businesses online presence can help them reconnect with their customers and give them a virtually safe way to build brand awareness. Focusing your key efforts towards Search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising can help drive digital sales and start turning a profit. Making changes to your website such as web design can also improve a customer’s journey through your E-commerce and can attract more sales through simple structured layouts.
  • Give incentives for your customers to return to your store; focusing on driving the benefits of going to a physical store can help you see more sales and improve your brand awareness. Focus on providing excellent customer service within a safe environment will not only start to increase sales, but also show customers you are looking out for your them.


Overall, focusing your marketing efforts effectively can help a business drive more sales and brand awareness to the business, but also provide potential new avenues to reach your customers. Focusing on building your digital marketing through your website and social media can help increase sales and build your brand.


For more information on how you can improve your online marketing, optimise your website and draw more traffic to your website, feel free to get in contact with a member of our team today for a free SEO audit.

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