26th August, 2022

TikTok has taken social media by storm over the past fews years and with it comes a new type of social media ad – TikTok ads.


TikTok has over 1 billion actively monthly members and the majority of these are young and highly engaged. For some companies and brands, this makes it the perfect platform to showcase their ads. At the moment, there are 6 types of ads on the platform.


  1. Branded effects
  2. Branded hashtag challenge ads
  3. Brand takeover ads
  4. In-feed ads
  5. Influencer collaborations
  6. TopView ads

And they have now introduced three new shopping ads:

  1. Video shoppings ads
  2. Catalog listing ads
  3. Live shopping ads


But why use TikTok ads?


There are many reasons people are choosing to use TikTok when it comes to paid advertisement online. One of the main reasons is that Facebook’s young audience is on the decline. Despite being the largest social media platform, the percentage of its younger audience has been decreasing ovet the past two years. This is potentially a sign that Facebook is losing its ‘edge’ when it comes to younger audiences who seem to be migrating over to platforms that offer much more creativity – such as TikTok.


As well as this, TikTok has a very high audience engagement rate since it is powered by user-generated content. This high engagament has caused many smaller brands to go ‘viral’ and see a huge influx in customers.


Overall, if you are wanting to try and target more Gen-Z’ers then TikTok ads would be a great platofrm to consider for your online ads.

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