15th November, 2012

With so many SEO agencies UK, it’s a minefield for a potential client in determining which company to choose and what the search criteria should be.

At Essential Marketer we pride ourselves on our open and honest approach and would ask any potential client to consider how transparent other SEO agencies UK are when they are looking around for the best SEO agency.

Personal Touch…

We take the time to get to know our clients and everyone is important to us – irrespective of a company’s size, turnover or SEO budget. All too often an SEO company’s first question to a potential client is “what sort of budget do you have?” before they’ve even carried out any other analysis. Whilst this is important in terms of being able to agree the best SEO strategy for the potential client, it shouldn’t be the first question asked by an SEO agency.

At Essential we want to get to know our clients to be able to work closely with them. All our client relationships are built on trust and the transparency in the delivery of our SEO service is based on this. We recognise that the trust begins during our first point of contact with a potential client during our online SEO meeting.

First Impressions…

During this meeting we take the time to listen to a potential client’s problems that they may have encountered with previous SEO agencies UK. Many have had past experience of false promises in terms of what could be achieved, poor linking resulting in Google penalties, but most of all it’s the lack of communication from their SEO agencies UK leading to a complete breakdown in trust. This makes our job more challenging in proving the credibility of our services, but by the end of our online meeting, having demonstrated our methodology and SEO knowledge, backed up by our reporting tools, over 80% of potential clients become a client of ours by the end of the online meeting.

Once clients come on board, Essential prides itself on its excellent customer retention of 98%, with a client staying for an average of two years. Unlike many SEO agencies UK, Essential does not have contracts with clients, so this is a tremendous achievement and testament to the work we do and our open and honest approach.

World Class Reporting…

As well as this, Essential’s customer reporting tool, which has been built in-house with the client’s needs a firm focus for its development strategy, gives the client a first class reporting tool using a dashboard approach with further advanced analysis available through the many tabs on the portal. This analysis includes SEO progress throughout the client’s campaign, linked to a client’s site’s Google Analytics, showing backlink progress, on-page SEO recommendations, overall website analysis and much, much more.

To find out more about what makes Essential different to SEO agencies UK, contact us to book an online meeting today.

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