5th June, 2013

In this article we’ll be looking how the use of various mobile social media apps on your mobile phone could help with your social media campaign. When you’re a busy business owner, constantly on your feet rushing from meeting to meeting, the hardest thing amongst all of that would be to check up on how your social media campaign is getting on. With these apps installed onto your iPhone or Android, you won’t miss one bit of activity with the push notifications and other features. The apps listed are only suggestions from personal preferences, you may not currently use the web versions of these apps, yet I would recommend them if you’re looking to monitor your campaign via a mobile device.


If you use Hootsuite (which we’d recommend) for the management of your social media, then this app is for you. Why bother pulling out your laptop when you’re on the go somewhere when you can just pull out your iPhone or Andriod, clicl one button and you’re there. Your whole social media schedule laid out in the palm of your hand, jumping from stream to steam, you can look after your Facebook, Twitter and any other platform! You can manage all your social networks and lists. You can just be roaming around whilst deciding that you don’t want that message now and want to make an edit, which can be easily done. It’s a great app to have if you’re always on the road as you can still monitor what’s happening with the campaign and reschedule, edit or change anything that needs to be done.

hootsuite app


If you’re managing your own social media campaign you will be fully aware of how Twitter works. In my opinion, it is one of the best social networks to provide a decent mobile app. It’s great, free and extremely simple to use. The interface is fairly plain but its usability is a dream compared to many other platforms. All functionalities are pretty much the same as using it on twitter.com. It’s fantastic for Tweeting in and around your schedule,  for example you might be catching a train on your way to a meeting with a customer, you could tweet ‘Great meeting today with @longtimeclient look forward to this year!’ That way you’re able to gain slight exposure for your client, and show your followers what you’re up to! Another example would be if you have a sudden announcement to make, instead of going through the hassle of scheduling something in around everything else, just get it out there in a tweet! Only downside to the app would be the fact the push notifications occasionally can come through a bit slow, other than that, highly recommended.

twitter app


Everyone knows what Facebook is! The platform is a giant alongside the likes of Twitter and other platforms. The great aspects of this app is the fact that you can literally carry out every function the same as you would on the web based version. Status updates, upload images, like and unlike, share and join groups etc. The only downside to this app, in my view, would be that the newsfeed seems to always feel quite clogged, which can sometimes be slow. So in terms of carrying out your social media on Facebook, again, like Twitter, great for when you’re on the move. Again like the majority of these apps, push notifications won’t allow you to miss a thing, you won’t miss one bit of activity or engagement.


People often question whether Instagram is a platform in which they can use to promote their products. The answer is a massive yes. Not only can you take amazing looking pictures of anything you want, you can engage, chat, like and comment with other people’s photos. In the other article which I wrote about how to use Instagram to promote your products I wrote about the different ways to generate engagement on this particular platform so do check that out if you’re new to this app. Most companies will look at increasing their brand awareness or their company image, others will post images on Instagram which can help generate new contacts and continue relationships with current ones.


Do you blog? Do you write your own content? Well here’s a thing.  If you’re not, you definitely should be! WordPress is a great tool to write high quality keyword focused articles. We all know how important content is these days, therefore writing blogs shouldn’t just be at your desk during work, it shouldn’t just be when you get home in front of the PC, it’s literally anytime. You can be on the train commuting and carry on finishing off that piece of content which you didn’t quite complete the night before. It’s not to say that you would want to write all your blogs on a mobile device, but for convenience it’s great.

The apps that we have listed are ones I’d class as quite popular as someone who wants to manage a social media campaign. Different campaigns use different apps therefore you should try experimenting with other mobile apps which may be suited to your strategy.

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