6th January, 2021

As we enter the new year, there is uncertainty within many businesses as to how they will draw new customers and sales during the Covid pandemic. Like all good businesses, it is important to have a clear strategy and plan how to keep your business active and alive with your customers. Today, we talk about utilising pay per click advertising (PPC) as a method to reach out to your customers and attract more sales.


What is pay-per-click advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising is a form of internet marketing that allows businesses to advertise through web pages and search engines, with the business only paying for the advertising once a click has been made. Search engines are one of the most popular forms of PPC advertising, as it allows for ads to appear when individuals search for relevant keywords to your ads. An example of a prominent PPC advertising system is Google Ads. PPC can be a good alternative to SEO through effective paid advertising to get more potential customers into your website.


PPC works through a bidding system that determines if your ad is displayed to searchers. Every time an individual makes a search, Google takes two factors into account to decide whether your ad is suitable for the visitor. Firstly, Google gives a relevance score to your ad depending on how relevant your ad is to the visitor’s search query. The more relevant your ad is, with correct keywords, a suitable landing page, and a high click-through rate, the higher the relevance score will be.


Secondly, Google will utilise your budget per ad. More higher budget ads are more likely to be shown to Google users. It is important to keep in mind that Google takes into account all of the factors to create an overall quality score of the ad, and as such it is vital your ads are relevant, high quality and and focused on your target audience specifically to avoid wasted budget on people who would not purchase your products and services.


Google also takes other factors into consideration, such as;

  • The competitiveness of an ad auction – Every time Google decides which ads to show the visitor, they run an ad auction which takes every factor into account. The more competitive the ad spot is, the more Google will look at bid amounts and less chance of your ad appearing.
  • Impact from ad extensions – Adding ad extensions can help boost the quality and relevance of your ads, and so it is vital to make good use of ad extensions that can impact your ad’s performance.
  • Ad rank thresholds – If your ads do not meet the threshold that Google looks for for its ads, it will not be shown.

How is PPC effective? Why should I use it for my business?


PPC is a powerful tool for advertising as using it correctly can draw your target audience into your website and lead to increased sales. There are many benefits to utilising PPC;

  • Higher percentage of target audience – By using the most suitable keywords, imagery and incentives for your target audience, you can achieve a higher percentage of clicks from your target audience, which ultimately can improve your chances of making a sale.
  • Top of screen placement – PPC advertising like Google places your ads at the top of the page, above organic searches, meaning more people are likely to see your ads and therefore click onto your site. This is great for pushing new products and attention to your brand if you do not get many organic clicks.
  • Extensive targeting opportunitiesGoogle ads can utilise the full range of Google’s data, allowing you to target very specific groups of people that you identify as potential customers. This is great for businesses in drawing sales to products you want to sell.
  • Always worth the click – Ads provide more incentives rather than just sales. You can gain increased brand recognition through people becoming aware of your business, and it is a great way to remarketing your brand to customers.


Finding the best PPC options can be a long and tricky process, but done correctly can yield great results for your business. Find out more about our PPC services now. Get in touch today for all our marketing services including PPC packages.

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