27th June, 2012

Local Search Engine Optimisation refers to SEO services that are available for businesses situated locally. Businesses wanting to make an impact online locally should definitely opt for local Search Engine Optimisation through Google Places Listings as more and more users now search with local keywords if they want to buy a product or service.  Local SEO concentrates more on promoting a business in a specific or local level.  Local SEO is also called regional search as it concentrates on one area at a time.

Local Search Engine Optimisation is the best solution for a local retailer or small business.  Though the search volume will not be as high as national or global SEO, the quality of traffic is good as more people are more likely to convert.

It is important in local SEO that your website features on all local online directories in the right category as many searchers often use these to find more information.

Local Search Engine Optimisation also involves techniques such as writing articles that have the relevant keywords.  These articles are then posted in local article directories, blogs and forums.  Search engines can then find their way through these articles and display them on their pages.

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