31st May, 2023

This week we will be saying farewell to one of our valued team members, Tom!

Tom has been with us for three years and will be missed by all of us however, we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

To mark this occasion, we have asked Chat GPT to write him a goodbye poem:

In the realm of work, a farewell we send,
To our dear colleague Tom, a true football friend.
With a heart full of love for Manchester United,
And Toy Story’s green aliens, deeply excited.

In the office, his passion for United would shine,
Cheering for his team, game after game, so fine.
With every victory or defeat they faced,
Tom’s loyalty to his club could never be replaced.

But beyond the pitch, his love for green aliens soared,
With the Toy Story characters, his heart was adored.
With their quirky charm and innocent appeal,
Tom’s fascination with them was truly surreal.

And let’s not forget his knack for eBay’s reselling,
Finding hidden treasures, their stories compelling.
From collectibles rare to nostalgic finds,
Tom’s entrepreneurial spirit always shined.

Now, as Tom sets off on a brand-new quest,
Leaving Essential Marketer, we wish him the best.
His dedication and humor, we’ll surely miss,
But his journey ahead holds promises of bliss.

May your eBay adventures continue to soar,
Finding treasures and stories, never a bore.
With each sale and bid, success in your stride,
May your reselling endeavors reach far and wide.

In the annals of Essential Marketer, you’ll be remembered,
As a colleague who shone, and dreams tendered.
Goodbye, Tom, with a bittersweet goodbye,
May your future endeavors soar high in the sky!

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