2nd May, 2013

Content Marketing is the buzz word on many marketeer’s minds right now but knowing how to produce the right content at the right time using the right mechanism is the hard part. Leading Birmingham SEO agency, Essential Marketer, has built a bespoke system that places content at the heart of all digital marketing activities entwining SEO, Social Media, Web Content and much more.

The demand for the new tool has been borne out of two elements: continuous Google algorithm updates placing a much higher emphasis on high quality, original content on a company’s site and secondly by companies realising the greater need to plan quality content strategically rather than relying on adhoc reactive responses to content needs.

Steve Feeney, Essential Marketer Managing Director said: “Content is often one of the biggest stumbling blocks a company faces; it’s relatively easy to produce 200-400 word articles, but ask someone to produce a 1,000 word article and they feel like they’re facing a brick wall. That brick wall isn’t insurmountable; it just takes a bit of planning to produce well thought out pieces. These can have a dramatically increased benefit to a site’s ranking, entwining SEO, content marketing and social media in one planned strategic effort.

“Added to this, changes in Google’s algorithm has brought to the fore the importance of companies moving away from low quality content to focus on producing original, high quality content that is relevant and on theme with the site with a universal acknowledgement in the SEO industry that poorly written, irrelevant content can have a negative impact on a site’s overall ranking performance.”

This was the basis for Essential Marketer to see a gap in the market to develop a bespoke system to build an easy to use online tool that would provide companies with a clear and concise content strategy and an output of a deliverable, measurable plan that would seamlessly tie in with the company’s overall vision, communication style and messages adapted to each individual communication mechanism.

“A lot of people don’t realise that when a site is crawled, Google is checking the copy, not only for duplication post Panda Update, but also for a reading level. Google places each page into one of three categories: Basic, Intermediate or Advanced. This measurement takes into account the way the content is written – whether it’s on theme to the site and how accurately it’s written in terms of language used, spelling, punctuation and much more.

“By using our new content tool, a company can produce consistently good quality content for their site that is on theme, targeted and well thought out,” concludes Steve.

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