9th May, 2013

Why are big articles important to your online marketing strategy?

Websites that have BIG articles on them get more credibility from Google – we’ll now tell you why this is important to your online marketing strategy.

Most web pages on the net have 100 to 200 words of information on them.  Very few websites have ANY pages with more than 1,000 words describing their products or services.   So imagine a website that has 10 pages of 1,000 words and has a content strategy that adds 1 or 2 similar sized articles every month!  The credibility of a site like this far outweighs a site with a few pages of a few hundred words that never gets added to!

Review websites lead the way

The word “review” appears in more than 20 million Google searches every month. The people looking for a review on a product or service usually want as much detail as possible.

They want as many pictures as possible and preferably they want to see lots of comments by lots of people so they can see what everyone else thinks.

Most website owners think that people don’t want to read chapter and verse about their product or service… This is often true, but there are times when people do want to do their research before they buy and Google knows this.

Why most articles are short

Short articles usually have just one thread or thought process that run through them. Long articles usually give a balanced view or a story but in general they just give a lot more detail for the reader.

So when asked to write a short article of 100 or 200 words, the writer can just pick up a particular thread and make their point.  The time taken to do this is usually about an hour including any edits and/or rewrites, but will vary dependant on the writer’s knowledge of the subject matter.

When asked to write 1000 word article you are suddenly faced with a very different proposition. With so many words to write you now have to create a well thought out and structured piece of content that will make sense from start to end.  It’s not possible to just sit down and start writing and an hour later you’re done and onto the next one.  It’s fair to say that creating a 1000 word plus article usually takes one day to finish including proof reading and editing.

Who has one day to write an article?

time restraints

If someone asked you to write a 1000 word article, would you have a day spare to sit down and write it? Invariably the answer we hear to this is absolutely not.  Life is lived at such a fast pace and each day most people have so many things to deal with that the thought of having a whole day uninterrupted to write a high quality piece of content for their website… well it’s just unimaginable!

The economies of scale don’t apply here

Normally if you purchase the product and buy 10 of something… you would expect to get a cheaper price if you purchased 100.  The reverse is true in producing large articles!  Because of the research, planning time and extra thought that goes into producing large articles it’s actually more expensive to produce larger articles.

Example: Why Wikipedia is so successful

Think to yourself – how often have you created a new page of content on your website?  If you’re anything like most people it will be very rare! If you’re one of the few/minority of people that have put pages of content on their website it was probably only a few hundred words.  So now imagine you are Google and you come across a page of content that is on theme, well written and has more than 1000 words! You’ll probably agree it’s quite rare to see that amount of quality, unique content.

So imagine a website that every month has one or two new pages of 1000 word articles… Let’s think about Wikipedia.  We all know that this information website gets an amazing amount of traffic from Google because it features so well in its organic search results.  So why does Google think so highly of Wikipedia?  Quite simply, because it has tens of thousands of high-quality, and very long… pages of original content! It also has back links from over 4 million different domains!

Big Articles Take Big Effort

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