23rd May, 2024

We are please to announce that we have Won a Netty Award for our PPC word on Pretty Farm Girl leading Florida based seller of natural & toxin-free skincare made from tallow & goat milk.

Our submission to the award is as follows:

In the digital marketing landscape, our innovative approach for the ‘Pretty Farm Girl’ skincare brand underscores a transformative integration of organic farming with modern advertising techniques. We implemented a Performance Max campaign via Google Ads, skillfully navigating the competitive realm of homemade skincare products. The campaign not only highlighted the unique selling proposition of using fresh, organic ingredients directly from their farm but also emphasized their specialized products such as goat milk soap and tallow soap.

The digital strategy was distinct in its data-driven targeting and automation capabilities. Performance Max campaigns utilize Google’s machine learning to optimize ad placement across all Google’s channels, ensuring that ads reach highly relevant audiences who are most likely to convert. This technology allowed us to leverage automated real-time decision making to continually refine our targeting and bidding strategies, setting ‘Pretty Farm Girl’ apart from competitors who may not be utilizing such advanced techniques.

Our results from March clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our strategy. We achieved 6,079 clicks and 543 conversions, culminating in a robust conversion rate of 8.91%. The standout figure from this campaign was the significant revenue of tens of thousands of dollars, directly attributed to the ad spend. This culminated in an impressive return on investment (ROI) of 524%, markedly higher than industry norms. This outstanding ROI not only validates the efficacy of integrating innovative digital marketing strategies with unique product offerings but also highlights our campaign’s superiority in a crowded marketplace. These achievements are particularly compelling when considering the competitive and often homogeneous nature of the skincare industry.

Quantitatively, the campaign’s success is demonstrated by substantial engagement and conversion metrics recorded in March. We managed to generate 6,079 clicks on our ads, leading to 543 conversions. This resulted in an impressive conversion rate of 8.91%, significantly higher than the average for many digital campaigns, which typically hover around 2-5%. Moreover, the revenue generated from these conversions amounted to 10s of thousands dollars. This financial outcome represents a 524% return on investment (ROI), highlighting the financial viability and impact of our targeted digital strategies within the competitive skincare market.

Qualitatively, the impact of our products on the target audience is reflected through enthusiastic customer testimonials. One user expressed profound satisfaction with our products, stating, “Absolutely a wonderful company. They’ve helped clear my skin up when I tell you NOTHING ELSE HAS. Pretty farm girl is amazing and I will now be buying from her for, forever.” Additionally, a customer noted the effectiveness of the product even after initial doubts, “I previously bought the 2 oz bottle and it was a little drying for me in the beginning but now I can’t live without it and went ahead and purchased the 4 oz once I ran out of the two of them I will continue to purchase.”

These testimonials underscore the transformative impact our products have on users’ skincare routines, contributing to enhanced customer loyalty and brand advocacy. This positive feedback, combined with the quantitative data from our ad campaigns, showcases our profound impact on our target audience, elevating the brand above competitors in the digital and physical marketplace. Thus, ‘Pretty Farm Girl’ not only stands out in the digital landscape through innovative ad strategies but also profoundly connects with and improves the lives of its customers, enhancing overall industry standards for consumer engagement and satisfaction.

Our project for ‘Pretty Farm Girl,’ a homemade skincare brand, showcased creativity through distinctive design elements, engaging storytelling, and innovative problem-solving techniques, which were key to the campaign’s success.

Design Elements:

We utilized visuals of lush farm scenes and fresh ingredients like goat milk and tallow in our ads to emphasize the brand’s commitment to natural, organic products. This not only differentiated the brand in a crowded market but also aligned with consumers seeking authentic, eco-conscious skincare solutions.


The campaign’s narrative focused on the brand’s roots—a genuine farm where products are crafted with care from locally grown ingredients. This story was consistently integrated across all marketing materials, building a strong emotional connection with the audience. Customer testimonials further enriched this narrative, showcasing real-life transformations and enhancing customer trust and loyalty.


Leveraging Google Ads’ Performance Max campaign, we used AI to dynamically target and optimize ad placements across multiple channels, efficiently reaching consumers likely to be interested in organic skincare. This strategic use of technology maximized both engagement and budget efficiency.

These creative strategies contributed markedly to the campaign’s effectiveness, evidenced by high engagement metrics, a conversion rate of 8.91%, and a notable 524% ROI. Through compelling design, authentic storytelling, and smart technology use, ‘Pretty Farm Girl’ emerged as a standout brand in the homemade skincare market.

Our project for ‘Pretty Farm Girl,’ a homemade skincare brand, exemplifies overall excellence in advancing the digital landscape and the skincare industry by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge advertising technology with genuine brand storytelling. This approach has not only set new benchmarks for digital marketing campaigns but has also significantly elevated the brand’s position in the market.

Significant Achievements:

High Conversion Rates and ROI:

Our campaign achieved a remarkable 8.91% conversion rate and a 524% return on investment (ROI), metrics that far exceed typical industry standards. These figures highlight our effective use of digital tools and strategies in driving not just traffic but meaningful customer actions.

Innovative Use of Technology:

By implementing a Google Ads Performance Max campaign, we leveraged AI and machine learning to optimize ad delivery across various platforms automatically. This approach allowed us to efficiently target potential customers, demonstrating our ability to utilize advanced technology to enhance campaign effectiveness.

Impactful Storytelling and Branding:

We crafted a compelling narrative around the brand’s unique value proposition of using farm-fresh, organic ingredients. This storytelling, combined with authentic visual elements, helped build a strong emotional connection with consumers, setting ‘Pretty Farm Girl’ apart from competitors and fostering deep brand loyalty.

These milestones reflect our commitment to pushing boundaries in digital marketing and skincare. By integrating innovative technologies with creative marketing strategies, we not only achieved outstanding campaign results but also contributed to advancing the digital advertising methods used within our industry. This project serves as a benchmark for how technology and creativity can work hand in hand to produce exceptional outcomes, thereby raising the bar for what is possible in digital marketing and customer engagement.


Well done to Oscar and the team for their great work

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