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From the largest of websites through to the smallest of emailers, our high quality creativity leads to inspired designs that engage buyers through their buying process from a rational and emotional perspective.

Kickstarting the ideas…

As with all creative agencies every great creative starts with a brief that fires our imagination. Some clients are great at producing very thorough briefs, but don’t worry if this is not your best skill! Our creative team will work with you to get under the skin of exactly what you’re looking for; sometimes clients don’t have any idea what they’re looking for, but through careful listening and talking with the client, getting to know more about them, their company, their brand, aspirations and culture, we can build a greater understanding which will lead to a creative that’s right for you the client.

Creative Team

Here at Essential Marketer we’re really lucky to have a team made up of people from many diverse backgrounds with a wide range of knowledge and industry expertise; Birmingham’s best … a great mix of creative minds and strategic thinkers.

With our imagination fired our creativity begins and knows no bounds. We pride ourselves on our out of the box thinking and our courage to be bold enough to try something different in our journey to create designs with originality that are visually stunning. As Christopher Peterson once said: “If you never venture outside the box, you will probably not be creative, but if you never get inside the box, you will certainly be stupid.”

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    From a simple sketch to a sophisticated mind map, as an agency we’ve got some pretty unique ways of stimulating our creativity!

    One of the key drivers of our success as a leading creative agency in Birmingham is the way we approach a project or campaign with a client. We see ourselves as a strategic partner to our clients working with them towards the same goal.

    So for your first step out of the box, talk to us today and let us unleash our imagination team! Give us a call on 0121 667 8785 or email us via